Saturday, July 11, 2015

The changing tide

     Wow, what a difference a couple of days make. The days of feeling great with total pain control have escaped me. Wednesday night I was too uncomfortable to get much sleep.  My leg ached and my drains felt like they were on fire. Earlier in the day, I felt well enough to wash my own hair. Maybe that is what caused all the pain? Wednesday also brought my follow up appointment with my breast surgeon. As I already knew, my incisions all look great. Was my full pathology report in? Yes! My margins were good and my sentinel lymph nodes were clear. That was wonderful news. Then, the surgeon stated that the pathology report shown vascular invasion. Oh, not cool. So those pesky cancer cells not only invaded the tissue of my breast, but the blood vessels too. So, those cells hit the vascular highway in my body and could be setting up shop anywhere. Chemo will most likely be in my future.  Next Thursday I will meet an oncologist and find out the results of tumor board and hopefully come up with a plan.
     Thursday brought my plastic surgery follow up.  The ride there was very uncomfortable, every bump and turn surged pain through my body.  As the doctor pointed out, my pain would be better controlled if I actually took my pain meds!  Well, I don't like being sleepy all day from hard core drugs. I am much happier taking my Tylenol and muscle relaxers.  I was also able to get 2 drains removed, which was a bit exciting.  If all goes well, I will return next week for the last 2 drains to be removed. Then, depending on my oncology appointment I may be able to start fills of the tissue expanders. So, overall everything is headed in the right direction.  It is just a bit tough as the first week I had full control of my pain and was even going all day without pain meds.  We will see what the future holds.....

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